2020 – A challenging year for the music industry, but nothing can stop a music artist to become versatile even in the pandemic. 

Here is “AnyDayNow”, a brand new music album by a passionate singer and songwriter, Bredman, born in Pasadena, CA. He is one of the rare artists who nurtured his love for music and lyrics from a very early age. Along with his modeling career, he is always passionate about music and quality tunes to make it relatable and enjoyable. 

This album is a long-awaited rebirth of G-Funk West Coast Rap. He has worked on this album in a very unique style and with his own experience for lyrics. 

The album contains 11 songs, 22 Minutes, It’s a collective effort of Bredman, and his producer uncle Quamie’Yae, and both were determined to come out with a sizzling project. 

After listening to his songs, you’ll see how skilled he is, in using words to convey his thoughts, consistency, passion, and most important his originality. 

His voice is the most engrossing element which makes him a great rapper because an artist has a special tonal quality which is a natural instrument that cannot be replicated.  

The best part of his rapping and singing is that he realizes the power of his voice, and how to use it to convey his emotions and feelings, He uses his lyrics to command attention and exudes presence; s 

It is collectively a fascinating and soulful production with sure lyrics, flows, wordplay, and delivery to listeners. 

You should enjoy this fascinating blend of new sound and rhythm. He approached old themes in a new style, it’s about struggling for identity, love, and to make it in this world. Bredman truly will suck you into his highly catchy music vibes. Check out “AnyDayNow” to find calm in the chaos.