Carlie Hanson Checks Into the 'Daze Inn' for Delirious New Video


Carlie Hanson Checks Into the 'Daze Inn' for Delirious New Video


Taking a break from reality seems more important now than ever, and Carlie Hanson has arrived with a melodic escape hatch. 

On Friday (March 27), Hanson debuted her new single "Daze Inn," a moody, ethereal new track where the star dreams of a place where she won't have to worry about the day-to-day drama of life. Accompanied by a dripping piano melody, combined with a chilled-out 808 drum beat, Hanson begs her lover to help her find a place of their own to flee from the rest of the world. "We spent last night trippin' at the Daze Inn/ Lost in time like we got on a spaceship," she sings. 


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Along with the single, Hanson also dropped an accompanying video for "Daze Inn." In the clip, the singer and a few backup dancers lounge around a trashed, Euphoria-inspired hotel room, with eyeballs painted on their eyelids so that, no matter what, their eyes are never quite closed. As the video continues, the visuals begin to get slightly distorted, showing just how "dazed" the young group really is. 

In a statement, Hanson explained that the track was based off of a real-life experience, where she and her lover decided to disengage with everyone else and spend some quality time together. "'Daze Inn' was inspired by a spontaneous few days I spent holed up with my former lover, just escaping reality for a weekend," she said. "It’s filled with bliss and nostalgia and everything we did together in our little hideaway." 

Check out the trippy new video for Carlie Hanson's "Daze Inn" below: