When you first hear Echolily’s brand new single, “Under the Clocks (Stay)”, you have a feeling nothing’s happening. For the first few seconds, you hear absolutely nothing, and you’re just sitting there, trying to adjust your speakers. Thinking there’s something wrong. About twenty seconds into the tune, you realize there isn’t anything wrong. The silence in the beginning is just a little something we call atmosphere, and with Echolily, we’re in the presence of a true master at creating it. 

“Under the Clocks (Stay)” is about nothing if not about the atmosphere and mood it sets. Echolily’s voice carries through the speakers as a mere hushed whisper. Like she’s signing up at you from under an ocean. And at first you wonder why that is, but then you understand she meant it that way. There’s nothing random in “Under the Clocks”, even though the song does at first feel completely random. 

Everything from the beat to the light rustling in the beginning comes together to create this powerful, esoteric vibe that sucks you in, and has you hitting that repeat button over and again. “Under the Clocks” feels much like a surreal dream you just can’t wake up from. And as the song is gently ending, it dawns on you you don’t want to wake up. 

Echolily has created this wonderfully evocative and moving piece that is both highly personal and yet universal at the same time. “Under the Clocks” is a light, almost ambiental piece that  appeals to a wide and varied audience all over the world. It’s not necessarily a happy tune, but neither is it a sad one. It’s a song that deftly captures everything that’s going on inside your head. And that makes it an intimate, highly pleasing piece. It makes you feel as if you could say anything, let go of your biggest secrets, and still come out alright. 

Ultimately, “Under the Clocks” creates a fantastic sensation of safety, instantly chiseling the Melbourne-based artist into one of the most promising voices of the 21st century.