For humans, enjoying music is unique. Music is not required for our survival, unlike food, but it is extraordinarily rewarding and pleasurable. There is one thing called joy, encouragement, and reward that fills the brain with music. Whether it's knowing your favorite songs, performing on a stage, or singing along with your friends, music brings joy! 

Eduard Luli, born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, is a melodic rap artist. He has been sensitive to a burning passion for music from a very early age and has since striven to produce quality tunes to which others will be able to connect and appreciate. In a matter of days from its release in early 2019, Eduard Luli is best known for his smash hit single "Fall" reaching the airwaves shooting upward of 10K views. 

Eduard has a wide variety of appeal in his city and has a strong interest in Rap music aboard and has been deeply inspired by the very own symbol of Polo G, Lil Tjay, and Australians, The Kid Laroi. Currently, Eduard releases a statement about the arrival of his latest single "Hit My Line" to the media on December 18, 2020. 

“Hit My Line” the first of new music where Eduard Luli explores a brand new sound in adjustment with his deeper thoughts of loss and pain. Versatile yet self-examining mood drapes "Hit My Line" depicting the beautiful verses of Eduard Luli's melodic vocal frames. The very first show of Eduard Luli was a treacherous success attracting 100 attentive fans to "Takeover" on Dec 4th. 

This show featured support acts from a variety of Eduard's associates who admire Marcus and DJ Young Jeeky's support slot and the roots of Eduard stem from an Albanian background. He supports the Rap community, working with freelance artists across all genres of music. The new work evokes a sense of musical affiliation, involving the listener in a virtually ethereal experience.