Who doesn’t love a bit of Gin? Gin and Tonic, to make it more palatable, or even raw Gin that goes down your very soul and makes you feel like a million bucks. That subtle, refined feel that only Gin can provide, that you’re cool and totally worth it (whatever it is). 

Oh, what are we talking about again? Oh, you thought I meant gin as in the alcoholic beverage. Well, I wasn’t talking about that, but don’t mind if I do. 

slinks into the kitchen. Returns with a cool glass in hand of what looks like fizzy water. 

Right, where were we? Oh yes, I was telling you about Gin and how much I like her. Yes, because the Gin I was referring to initially was not the drink, you see, but the artist. Gin Cooley is an independent American singer and songwriter, whose brand new song, “Unattainable” is right this second making waves across the music scene. And for good reason – I mean, have you listened to this thing? And if you haven’t, what on Earth are you waiting for? Go on, look it up. It’s only two and a half minutes, so I’ll wait. 

Got it? That’s better. If you’ve listened to the song, you no doubt understand why people are so crazy about it. Where to start? The dark, moody vocals or the subtle rhythm that sounds like heartbeats? Maybe we should start with the wonderfully melodic and laid-back approach of the tune in general. 

Really, there are about a million different reasons why you should like “Unattainable”. Cooley’s voice, much like a freshly poured glass of gin, is cool and delicious. Refreshing, yet also slightly woozy. The sort of music that will get you drunk without you touching a single drop of alcohol. What is most impressive to me, however, is that the song truly sounds unattainable. Perhaps it’s the effortlessly cool and distant voice of the artist, or maybe it’s intended that way. One thing is clear, the more you listen, the more you want it, even though you’re not sure what it is. 

With a vibe that puts me in mind of Massive Attack and Lana Del Rey, Gin Cooley has now become one of my favorite musical acts. Why? Because I like music that I can listen to regardless of the mood or situation I’m in and that’s exactly what “Unattainable” feels like to me. It’s dark and poetic and just goes so well, both with happiness and sadness. 

It’s a wonderfully versatile track, which I just love. And what I love even more is that Cooley has a new EP coming out at the end of this month. So until then, Imma sit tight with my gin and my Gin and wait patiently for this auditory deliciousness to strike. 

And so should you.