More is perpetually better than one. What a true reflecting irony right? Double the deal would mean double the pleasure. More songs, more artists and more the excitement. Why are we stating the fact? Simply because of the artist we will be mentioning today whose charismatic personality and endearing singing ability captivates music lovers around the globe which is a fascinating entity. Who is this amazingly competent artist? Well, he is none other than the remarkable “John Riesen” who’s arriving the way of all his with his blasting new album titled “Christmas at home” that is nothing but a sentimental album encompassed with songs that are a literal blessing in heaven featuring some of the renowned artists with names like Chris Glassman, Lindsay Campbell, Gillian Riesen and Niell Campbell. 

A person always longs for a song that would be truly encompassing the sentiments of originality. But visualize an album, that would be alluring, astounding and extraordinarily excellent and the best part is that you don’t have to go away looking for one as “John Riesen” is bringing his “Christmas at home” album inscribed with lit songs like “It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas , I'll Be Home for Christmas, O Holy Night” that will blow up your mind’s disposition making the songs become a part of the memories forever being nothing but fascinating. 

If you are a music lover who is in exploration of some of the best songs in the world with a distinct variety of genre’s then John Riesen “Christmas at home” is the perfect album for you which has a distinction of songs engraved with genre’s like jazz, hip-hop and sentimental ballad soothing the minds of listeners through the touch of three world’s amazingly talented entities being “John Riesen, Gillian Riesen and Neill Campbell”. An album formed by the collaborative efforts of three amazingly talented artists give “Christmas at home” the vibe and color that becomes unique to the mind and soul of listeners. 

A passionate singer John Riesen gifted with a beautiful, powerful, classically trained voice, the beautiful award-winning American mezzo-soprano Gillian Riesen impressing audiences with her strong, rich voice and the passionate Pianist Neill Campbell making the trio album “Christmas at home” is nothing but a ground-breaking attainment for all the fans around the world that is coming you way to complete that playlist of your phone with some of the best 11 songs all for you to listen and relish. Aesthetic right? We know as we have been captivated before.