When it comes to hot new music videos, there’s one you absolutely can’t skip. “Our Last” is the latest musical offering from Brazilian native artist Angel B, a skilled musician and not only that. The music video for “Our Last”, which only came out a few days, ago, is a delight in every sense of the word and it only goes to show, ‘cause it’s already raking up thousands of views over on YouTube. 

The sensual music video puts the artist’s considerable dancing skills on display, and the rhythmic, compelling movements only serve to highlight the soft, yet gritty appeal of the song itself. The lyrics work both through sensuality and inner strength, making this appeal to a wide range of listeners from all over the world. 

And then, of course, aside from the compelling lyrics and the breathtaking dancing skills of Angel B, we have her masterful voice itself, which begins seducing the listener from the very first syllable. There’s something undeniably catchy about Angel B’s singing style, and the tune comes across both as upbeat and intimate, which is no doubt an interesting mix. 

With the setting of a big city high rise that rapidly fades into a dancing studio, where Angel and her crew put their talent on display and bring the tune home, “Our Last” feels like an universal tune of delight and sensuality, the sort of thing that can appeal to anyone, anywhere in the world. And we have a feeling that’s exactly what the artist intended. 

After her “Don’t Hit My Line” success which earned her national acclaim in her native Brazil, as well as overseas, Angel B is back at it, with this powerful collab with renowned artist October London. This is a type of R&B mixed in with other catchy genres that will settle right in your soul and keep you obsessed for days after listening!