DeShean Marquil aka Deem first met the Money Mann Mafia on his L.I.D.S 

Radio program at in the winter of 2019. L.I.D.S which stands for the Local International Detroit Scene. L.I.D.S is a subsidiary of Ahead of The Game Music Publishing LLC (BMI) The Money Mann Mafia are unique because aside from being a musical group they are also next of kin as well.  Its two brothers and four cousins and a host of other close friends. The core of Money Mann Mafia consists of group members Plug Capone, GPE, Dub 187 Trippy Cell as well as the Grow Up Gang other affiliates are King James and Dooley Rida withstand out work in the video and song the Purge. 

                 The Money Mann Mafia and all its affiliates are under the Green-print-digital-music banner 

Which is an independent label with an extensive song catalog a few of the hit songs in my opinion are XJ 13 as well as White Widow featuring GPE and Trippy Cell an insider to the Money Mann Mafia confirmed that they have upwards of 30 finished songs and about a 100 more in development. This is the comparison to the famed Label Cash Money Records because the roster and volume of songs are extensive to say the least. Money Mann Mafia 

            Under the direction of C.E.O Mike Mott has carved out a unique niche aside from being a Detroit group the laws regarding Marijuana in Michigan and nationally are becoming more receptive to this national obsession. Money Mann Mafia is in the right place at the right time to make history and sell millions of records the old fashion way when gold was gold and platinum was platinum. Money Mann Mafia’s core subject is Marijuana in all its aspects call them marijuana priest and advocates to say the least. 

            This is a very special beginning because in the midst of our changed world due to the horrendous enemy Covid-19 you have a progressive idea that has the ability to transform the cultural landscape in a way that hasn’t been seen in America. Europe in particular the British were way ahead of the learning curve in regards to marijuana laws and drug policy this might be the turning point in American Society that may be the enlighten 

Moment we need as a society if we can take our heads up out our asses for a moment and realize that the way on drugs is a failed strategy crafted by people who were out of touch with the masses in the first GD place.