Latoya Jane is one of the best singers we’ve heard in the past five years. We could tell you why, but we’d much rather let you discover her on your own. So why don’t you stop reading this paragraph, and take a quick stroll over to Youtube, or your listening platform of choice, and get yourself acquainted with Latoya’s music? It’s ok. We’ll wait. 

There you are. Better now? See, the reason we told you to go listen to Latoya Jane on your own is that we can’t really put into words why we like her music so much. We just do. Maybe it’s the versatility. Latoya Jane is one of those artists that takes a little bit of every popular genre, and blends them into one unique, beautiful thing. Her music has elements of pop, rap, hip hop, and so many other styles, and together, they make one exciting whole. 

You can easily see this with her latest hit single, “Empty”. The track, much like any Latoya Jane song, touches on so many topics that are of interest and undeniably close to the heart. “Empty” speaks of loneliness and feeling alienated, but in such a way that it manages to make the listener feel less lonely. It inspires, rather than put one down, and it shows the audience that there is still hope, no matter how hopeless the situation seems. What we find touching about Latoya’s musical presence is that she uses her music to speak out to youth at risk, to kids growing up in difficult situations and harsh neighborhoods. 

Of course, having grown up in a similar situation herself, Latoya understands the true power of music, the healing it can do, and so she uses her sound to achieve just that. She’s one of the very few artists using their music to promote a healthy change in the world, without compromising their sound. And that’s why we love her.