One thing that music should always do for its listeners is to reflect the world it’s created into. Not the world of what was yesterday, not what might be tomorrow - just plain old living in the moment, and that’s exactly what the rocking new hit from American artist Heremotionss does for you. The recently released “Running” is an insanely rapidly-growing hit, attracting new fans for the artist, both locally, as well as on a worldwide level. Why? Easy, because Heremotionss is an artist you can relate to, particularly for the youth of today, who are still identifying their heroes from a musical perspective. 

Hermotionss is a young 22-year-old singer and songwriter from New York that blends together a wide range of genres, such as dance, pop and fifty shades of alternative and even indie. She’s something new on a scene saturated by an outdated kind of pop music, and that’s precisely what makes Heremotionss so popular and appealing. 

Having debuted in the second half of 2020 with the anthem “Lipstick”, by the artist’s own account, a middle finger raised to bad friends, Heremotionss is putting out one great song after another. 

“Running” has a strangely esoteric vibe to it, while also giving off a certain dance feeling. It’s a song that goes strong on the feelings and one that most listeners who’ve ever been in love will relate to. However, it’s not overly dramatic, the lighthearted, almost dream-like beats inviting you to lose yourself in the song and just move. It’s a great song to dance to, but also a killer soundtrack for some much-needed relaxation. 

And then we have the artist’s incredible voice, a mix of sensuality and grit, which just takes “Running” to a whole new level. Here we have this quietly sexy and appealing tune that speaks to you in a low, hushed tone that enchants and delights the listener. Heremotionss has that special, unique kind of voice that makes it feel like she’s telling you a secret, singing for you alone. And that is, by no means, a small accomplishment. 

Like all of the artist’s work, “Running” offers a glimpse into some very raw and authentic feelings, ones that help bring you closer to the musical marvel that is Heremotionss.