Foremost Entertainment comes out with a powerful new movie, directed by the record label’s very own  Marc Cayce. The movie, entitled simply “Flint Tale” follows the events of the real-life story Flint Water Crisis, based in the eponymous Flint town in Michigan. The film follows disgraced Chief of Police Daniel Hartwell and his family in the aftermath of the Flint Water Crisis. The movie itself is a tremendous journey that will awaken a vast range of emotions in the viewer, from amusement to empathy, and at times, even anger. It’s fair to say it’s a fascinating and highly educational (not to mention beautifully-shot) picture, but what is even more exciting about it is the soundtrack. 

Of course, the film’s soundtrack, which has also recently been released as a separate album, was recorded at the Foremost Records label by a great assembly of artists, all signed to the record. Rather thank sticking with only one artist to do their soundtrack, director Marc Cayce was very inspired. The diversity of the musicians manages to capture a great range of emotions and styles, which highlights the scenes in the movie and makes it that much more enjoyable. 

The soundtrack sees the debut of upcoming artist Orlando Peay, who also has a role in the film as an Uber driver, and is the author of the track “Couple of Days”, which can be heard in the movie. The young artist is establishing his brand, both as a singer/songwriter and an accomplished actor. 

And that’s not the only talent you can hear on the “Flint Tale” soundtrack, which also features an appearance by popular artist Intelligent Diva, whose sultry, seductive tunes have been making a name for themselves on streaming platforms. The movie features her famed “Sexy Walk” track, one of the most popular tunes among the artist’s fans and an auditory delight, as it’s both sexy and well-written. 

Big Ty Stick also makes an appearance on the soundtrack, with the foretelling track “We All We Got”, as does Bootleg, an artist from Flint’s Dayton Family. 

Last, but not least, we see the debut of another accomplished and powerful artist, KellieKel, whose track “Mama” takes the viewers to a new level of emotion. 

All in all, “Flint Tale” is as much a musical journey as it is visual, and it’s a well-rounded delight for fans of good movies and good music alike.