Jacksonville, Florida-based hip hop artist Intelligent Diva has established a soundscape based on this belief. Her recently released masterpiece ‘No Justice’ depicts the pain and suffering of the African-American people in a society filled with racial discrimination and unreasoned hate. The song is based on true happenings around the world. It has established a powerful connection with the audience with its impactful lyrical illustrations. Her mesmerizing and soulful singing penetrates the mind and spirit of the listeners. It brings out the true intensity of the sublime lyrical wordplay. Driven by the raw emotions and passion, the versatile singer showcases her interpretation of the world wrapped in her classic and vintage resonating style. 

The brilliant singer and a successful businesswoman have become a prominent figure in the hip hop and film industry after her song, ‘Sexy Walk’ was featured in the major Hollywood film ‘FLINTTALE’. Combining different thematic elements from genres like R&B, rap, commercial pop, gospel, jazz, and more, Intelligent Diva has given birth to an entirely new rhythmic scheme that separates her from the crowd. Her latest song, ‘No Justice’ is a thought-provoking number calling out the prolonged social injustice against people of color. It is an incredible number rich in powerful rhythmic flow and empowering libretto. Her robust vocal performance steals the show. Listen to her vast collection on Spotify and follow her on Instagram to stay updated about her upcoming works.