We humans lead a life idealizing our favorite jobs while portraying our emotions on our friends, relatives and family. But when at times we get bored with all the same tiring routine, we urge to spend some time alone with something other than music and more like a rap. Yup! you heard right; rap is the characteristic of the artist we will be illustrating today whose musical upbeat commencement of words make the audience astonished at the talent this prodigy possesses. On the contrary who is this prodigy? Well, he is none other than “Eazy 8” the rapper who's never seen before musical artist coming your way with upbeat music to groove on. 

What makes “Eazy 8” so special? That's the easiest question for us as the answer is only competence and the potential to create music with completely diverse vibes than other artists making him one of a kind to exist. Hailing out of Toronto, Canada, he creates music with a unique mix of genres with some strong West Coast vibes bringing the sentiment of art in his songs that we never saw before. Aesthetic right? If you think that’s fascinating then you wouldn't imagine the fact that “Eazy 8” that impressive artist who started at the young age of 14 and rocked the world ever since while inscribing his name in the music industry. 

Aspirations with a sprinkle of hard work and complete dedication helps a man reach to the heightening of stars while making his potential his identity that is comprehended by others. This is a fact that is completely in sync with “Eazy 8” who polished his ability at a young age while releasing his single album at just the age of 16 that is truly extraordinary. Smoothing his musical potential for music from a young age to releasing his debut single entitled “4:44 AM”, which can be heard on Sound cloud encompasses the reality in the form of symphonies and upbeat harmonies. 

Coming across a young, humble yet a talented artist is one of a kind opportunity that has come your way as a blessing from the heaven for free. Stanning this amazingly inspirational artist will mean nothing more than good songs with lit beats and incredible raps all for “Eazy 8” fans to listen and idolize while giving you all an out of world experience just like his debut single entitled “4:44 AM” being a classical prodigy.