We often expect battle cries to come in the form of rousing, loud music, inspiring, warrior-like lyrics, and the grit that inspires even the cowards in the back to go on. But in a year when bravery has been hard to come by and good music even more so, we find out strength from unexpected sources, and not all of them sounding like a war-horn. 

Indeed, some songs can be rousing, yet carry a soft, vaguely swinging melody that seems to be more at home in a darkened jazz club than the battlefield. And yet these songs do give us the power to face the battlefield and make it through another day. Find our way through, as the singer of this particular track would say. 

Shani, born Shani Rigsbee, is one of those rare artists who can’t really define herself through only one form of artistic expression. She’s both a singer and songwriter, an actress, producer, director, and dedicated humanitarian. And naturally, when you give yourself to so many causes, it’s only normal that sometimes, one will seep into the other. 

Her latest musical offering, a beautiful, slow ballad entitled appropriately “Changing Tides”, shows us exactly that and in a highly memorable way. In this one, Shani teams up with some highly talented individuals, in the form of Orbel Bababyan on keyboards and guitar, Les July on bass, and the incomparable LaDarrel “Saxappeal” Johnson, quite evidently, on saxophone. Together, they set up a discreetly rousing, yet highly melodic piece that, coupled with the inspiring lyrics, really gives you something to think about. 

The lyrics are filled with important themes, such as rising together, supporting each other, and so many other great notions that are so necessary in these difficult times. The songwriting itself showcases Shani’s involvement with various charities and causes, providing aid to abuse victims, pets and so many others. 

And while 2020 may have been a difficult year for the world, it seems to have been a busy one for Shani, who, having just released “Changing Tides”, is already busy working on her next cinematic release, the movie “City of Crows”, which she’s producing and providing the soundtrack for. 

We suggest catching this busy, wonderfully talented woman as soon as you can, in her whirl of artistic engagements. Check out “Changing Tides” today!