Entering someone’s psyche and soul to bestow infinite happiness and treasure recollections is the entity that is difficult to achieve but when talent is what we are talking about, this tough destination becomes a susceptible task with the person’s pursuing mind. What a treasurable entity that might be might. Right? But to question, who is this iconic and top-notch personality and what’s in it for us? If that’s bothering you then don’t be bothered as we are coming your way by bringing a gift with us in terms of the artist “Nomina”, the charismatic performer that is buzzing the music industry with her mind-blowing music encompassed with a distinctive song writing style. 

Attracting millions of clicks and views is what this diva is all about. Nomina bestows her fans with music with a unique cultural sound that enunciate to the minds of those who are listening across the globe. What about her songs? Don’t get me even started on that. With the phenomenal success of her recent singles like “Amadlozi” and “Fetish daddy” Nomina marked her name on the hearts of thousands of people around the globe attracting global interest and why wouldn’t it be the case? With her song “Amadlozi” she ranked no. 1 on U.S radio chart with her song video airing on MTV and MTV Base. Simple amazing. 

The spectacularly soulful solo artist “Nomina” is bringing to her fan’s all new release “I still stand ” encompassed with a performance full equipped with confidence and resounding sincerity that dwells the spirits of the listeners with boasting inspiration with heartfelt lyrics of resentment, love and heading out towards your aspirations. Literally this is who we call a trend setter. R&B, soul, pop and delicate electro beats with emotional depth is what Nomina has to offer as an artist who is endearing for entertainment all for her fans to relish. 

With “Nomina” on the way, you would never be bored as she is the commodity who would confer to her fans the best of the best music out there setting harmonies that are soothing and entertaining to hear just like her new single “I still stand” that is the instance of music that heals and music that trends. Simply fascinating.