We live in times when every bit of good music is appreciated. Why? Because as more and more people flood the art scene, it becomes that much harder to find art that truly matters. And because we’re in this horrid place right now, as a society, and art is probably the only thing that can pull us out, right now. 

Enter Ace the Fetus. An American artist with a powerfully visual aesthetic, Ace the Fetus is one of those complex musicians you’ll wish you’d known about sooner. His music easily puts one in mind of some of the true greats of the 20th century. Chuck Berry comes to mind, as do Prince and Elton John. David Bowie, needless to say, has had a clear influence on this young prodigy. And all of that can be felt in his latest release, the track “Shuger”, which is rapidly making waves across the international music scene. 

Based out of North Carolina, Ace the Fetus is also a remarkably dedicated young man. Recognizing his passion for music early on, he taught himself guitar, bass, piano and drums. Add to that clear skill for fashion and aesthetic, and you’ve got yourself every element for a brand new music star. 

When you look at Ace the Fetus, it’s hard to pick just one thing to love about him. It could be his sound, which usually gets described as a delicious mix of soul, funk and alt rock. Or it can be his image, his unique style, bold and androgynous, that will rock your world. Or it could be the visual elements in his videos that make it impossible to deny his skill for animation and aesthetic. Or it can be the lyrics, compelling and at times, downright obsessive. 

Or it can be all these things. Because at the end of the day, a true artist isn’t just guitar, or just image. They’re everything, all wrapped up in a tight, explosive package. And Ace the Fetus definitely is that.