“The only time I find release is 

In my dreams, 

Swimming with my shadows” 

Now, isn’t there something wonderfully haunting about these lyrics? There is so much raw power harnessed within them, and the words themselves evoke a feeling inside the listener… you just don’t know what to make of it. 

It’s a very powerful image these words paint for us, one of very real, and very intense pain and suffering. One of falling through nightmares, and struggling. Many people struggle. But not many people manage to harness that suffering and turn it into something good and beautiful. 

Which makes Anjelica’s track “Good Ones”, the source of the above lyrics, even more awe-inspiring. 

Having lost her mother and her grandfather in close succession and at a very young age, the artist struggled with all aspects of her life. Always a keen performer and a big music lover, her passion for singing and creating was blighted, as that had always been something she’d shared with her mother. 

And yet, she found not only the courage to move on and stand on her own two feet, but to create something powerful. To extend a helping hand to other people going through tragedies. Because that’s what a good song does, it helps you overcome. And that’s exactly what Anjelica’s powerful piece, “Good Ones”, does for its listeners. 

A fantastic, haunting song, it really showcases Anjelica’s talent, both as a singer, as well as a songwriter. Because the lyrics are a cut above what you hear these days. They’re raw and packed with feeling. They’re intelligent and beautifully-crafted. 

“Good Ones” is not an easy, good-time song, but it’s not supposed to be. However, it does something way better than that. It makes you feel. It’s a song that deserves a Grammy, both for creativity and impact. 

It’s a sorrowful, yet thoroughly excellent tune about loss, but also about overcoming that loss, and finding the strength to move on and build. And while Anjelica’s voice and the music are soft and paint an image of fragility, there is hidden strength here. There is power. And most of all, there is talent.