Who ever turned down an NBA spot to follow their dreams and make music? 

Chantly Jones, singer and songwriter of Charlotte, NC, that’s who. A very talented player, Chantly used to perform and shoot hoops in his spare time. Both the music and the basketball were big passions of his, that he wished to follow. And though he was an excellent basketball player, the time came when he had to choose between the two, because if you’re going to do something professionally, you need to focus all of your attention on that. 

And Chantly chose music, which he’d been involved with ever since he was 11 years old. So that should tell you something about how devoted this artist is. 

And if that’s not evident from this little story, then you can definitely hear it from his latest killer single, “I Been On”. A tune with a classic vibe that hip hop lovers are bound to love, “I Been On” is a song about the incessant grind of life. 

With the help of a repeating chorus and a killer beat, Chantly describes the struggle of providing for his family, and following your passion through this world. The song sets an interesting, somewhat dark mood, but in the end, manages to have an uplifting effect on the listener. 

In a way, this is Chantly Jones telling you that although the grind is hard, you need to stick to it. Because that’s how you succeed in life. In that way, “I Been On” is a very relatable and memorable piece. 

The song bears clear influences by Michael Jackson, Big Daddy Kane, James Brown, and other talented artists of the past. But Chantly Jones manages to take that influence and spin it into something unique, making the song his own. 

“I Been On” is a refreshing, challenging hip hop piece to delight the ears of both experienced hip hop fans, as well as people new to the genre.