Some artists just baffle you. In a good way. They’re rare, no doubt, these singers that you hear and then your life isn’t the same again, but they’re nevertheless there. And what’s amazing is that they vary a lot from person to person. 

For me, one such artist is Kentucky-based D.D. Oreyo, one of the best rappers in the game, if you want my opinion. D.D. (or as some people know him, Douglas Smith), has been on the rapping scene for a few years now. In fact, his is an interesting and inspiring story. In 2016, fed up with a soul-crushing job he hated, D.D. decided to quit everything and follow his passion, which of course, was music. And he’s been building this solid reputation as a skilled artist for himself ever since. 

His latest hit, “Take you to the cleaners”, is just the song to prove that to you. With an insane beat, and a highly addictive set of lyrics, “Take you to the cleaners” is the next big hit for clubs all over the world. It’s a party song, but a really catchy one, too. It’s not just a decent tune you’ll dance to in the night, but one that will be stuck in your head well into the next day. It has an obsessive quality to it that won’t let you rest until you figure out who sings it and where you can listen to more. 

And thankfully, D.D. Oreyo gives you  plenty to choose from. With killer hits in his catalog, like “Put ya hands up” or “Damn Ma”, D.D. Oreyo has got the soundtrack for your party. 

What I particularly like about this artist is the unique way he blends classic rap styles from the 80s and 90s and gives them a modern, exciting twist, so that they appeal to the younger crowd. He has a very appealing style, one that I honestly believe will will him millions of fans someday. 

And that day’s coming fast, considering the rate at which D.D. Oreyo’s putting out good tunes, so you want to jump on the bandwagon now, and be among the original fans of this next great rapper.