Ah, that unbeatable giddiness of love. The feeling when you see the woman you love walking down the street and you know you can’t be with her. It’s a story as old as time itself, one that is beautifully captured in Christopher the Grey’s latest hit single “Butterflies”. 

With a simple titles that carries the point across, “Butterflies” is a very secretive song. It’s about what you feel, in the deepest corner of your heart. The Grey knows and gets the love that’s so powerful that you don’t even dare talk about. Which is what makes this such a unique, relatable song. 

With a deceivingly upbeat sounds that loops over and over, “Butterflies” feels like a hood song. It feels more like talking with your closest friend in a bar, over a few drinks, rather than the music of a worldwide popular singer. 

It creates a quiet atmosphere that allows you to wallow, but also gives you hope. Because ultimately, Christopher the Grey’s music is about hoping for the future. The lyrics are simple, but tell a powerful story – of hoping you will be reunited with your loved one someday, of dreaming of that happy end, no matter how improbable it seems right now. 

It’s a sad and happy tune, all mixed into one, which, I think, is what makes it so popular. It’s a song for everybody and a song that every one can relate to and be touched by. Because you know, not everyone likes to wallow, not everyone likes to pretend it’s all good when inside they’re hurting, either, 

Thanks to its’ commendable versatility, “Butterflies” is the best of both worlds and hits the listener right in the heart. 

Taking his musical inspiration from great artists like Prince, Rakim and Public Enemy, Christopher the Grey has been hitting the music scene hard these past few years. With a unique sound, the perfect blend of music, auto-tune and voice (not to mention the raw lyrics), he’s truly been making a name for himself, ever since his comeback to music (after an extensive break, relating to a personal tragedy) in 2016. 

“Butterflies” is his latest addition to the music world, having recently been released in January of 2020. While we don’t know what the future will bring, we can honestly say we expect great things from Christopher the Grey.