There’s a tune I’d like to talk to you folks about. It’s called “Mama” and it’s the latest offering from gifted Alabama artist Dricka. Being directly related to musician Melvin Franklin, he of The Temptations fame, Dricka obviously had the musical bug in her blood, and it comes out in full in this latest hit single. 

A fabulously elaborate tune, the song presents itself as an open letter to the artist’s mother, to her family and her rough childhood. It’s a fantastic combination of pride and shame, being part confessional, part affirmation. It’s a grim tale of a difficult life in the hood and a passion for music that was simply unstoppable. 

Having discovered her passion for music at a young age, Dricka always knew to follow her inner voice, and do all she could to get to where she wanted to be. Still, life presented her with a set of challenges, which she overcame remarkably. 

“This is my letter to the streets, mama” Dricka tells us in the chorus, highlighting the confessional mood. It also makes you pay more attention, because as the song progresses, you want to know about the hardship. You want to know why she’s writing a letter to the streets. 

 In a way, “Mama” is an anthem about growing up. It’s about getting up and having to leave your roots, in part. Not completely, but to grow and stand on your own two feet, to develop independence and make peace with the demons from your childhood. Perhaps that’s what the reference to the mother is meant to do. Perhaps it’s not so much for the artist’s mother herself, but rather for her entire childhood. It’s a goodbye letter by a young person who’s reached adulthood and flown on their own wings. 

As such, it’s highly relatable and a compelling track. With an easy-going, relaxed beat, and a maddeningly melodic voice, Dricka manages to draw us in, and tell this entire, complex story in just a little over 3 minutes. Which, you’ll have to admit, is an impressive feat, particularly for one so young. 

“Mama” is the song you should be listening to.