Being sexy is hard. A controversial statement for some, while others will agree quietly and just keep their head down. And it’s those people I want to talk to today. Hey. You. The one who’s never really felt at ease or comfortable in the pose of the seductress or the sexy playboy. This song’s for you. 

“Sexy Walk”, the latest from Florida-born Intelligent Diva, is a mesmerizing, hot track that gets down into your bones and makes sure you feel it. Now, the reason I say this song is excellent for those of you who are a little on the shy side is because Intelligent Diva really makes you feel like you’ve got a sexy walk going. In other words, it’s a song, but it’s also a confidence boost that overrides that shy voice in your head and gets you moving. 

It’s the song you need to listen to if you feel you agree with my opening statement, because “Sexy Walk” is one of those rare tracks that can make being sexy seem like a piece of cake. I know that for some, it’s not, which is what makes the song that much more powerful. 

Now listen here, on a romantic evening with your partner, you don’t want to listen to that shy voice in your head, you want to feel sexy and attractive and desirable. Well, Intelligent Diva makes you feel all that. With her hypnotizing, immensely powerful voice, Intelligent Diva asserts her own confidence and makes you want to do the same. It’s a song of encouragement that makes you feel like you own the room. Whether you’re going to a party, club or simply staying in with your significant other, you just feel like there’s no one sexier in the world tonight. And who could wish for more, right? 

The steady beat of the song’s got you rotating your hips and letting the music do the talking, which is really all you need on a special night. 

Coming at you from a rich background of poetry and music, Intelligent Diva’s songs are always filled with meaning, but very accessible. Her voice is versatile and fits well both in a crowded club, mainly because of her ability to get people dancing, but also in more private circumstances, if you know what I’m saying. 

Which makes it the ideal song for you – regardless where you’re at.