We all know how hard it can be holding on to a relationship (and some semblance of a normal life) when you’re working crazy hours and can barely keep your eyes open at the end of the day, let alone keep up an intelligent conversation. 


This leads to routine, boredom and frustration in all of our relationships, which can make it that much more difficult keeping things spicy and exciting for your partner. 

It’s exactly the feeling that independent young artist Intelligent Diva sums up so well in her latest track ‘Submit to You’. As you can probably tell from the title, it’s not exactly a kiddies’ tune, but then, it’s not supposed to be. 

It’s decidedly an adult track, because adults need to wind down, too. Need someone who understands the difficulties of maintaining an interesting sexual relationship when you’re a working parent. 

This song is for those people. Finally. A highly explicit track, ‘Submit to You’ tells of finding the time to devote yourself to your partner, to really see and feel them. It’s a song about sex, yes, but more importantly, it’s a song about being alive, about breaking out of your zombie shell and experiencing, feeling everything that’s around you. 

Life is short, this brand new song is telling us, so we better grab it and hold on tight, before the ride is over. In a seductive, compelling voice, Intelligent Diva (a working, single parent herself) reminds you to play and take the time to really connect with your partner. 

Jiving on a sound that’s both strong and sweet at the same time, the Diva takes you on an adrenaline-filled R&B ride that is sure to shake off the boredom. 

At the moment, Intelligent Diva has found a break in her hectic life, trapped between financial struggle and motherhood, in which she can afford to dedicate some of her time to the thing that drives her, her one true passion, music. 

Creating a sound that is both unique and highly commercial, Intelligent Diva is reaching out to all you jaded couples out there, so you better listen.