“Where are my friends tonight?” 

Well, as we navigate our way through the last days of quarantine, the answer is obviously: at home. But as the cities began to reopen all across the world, we can once more turn our attention from the news to more pleasant realities, such as the exciting new music out there. 

One brand new music group that I discovered during quarantine is Litvar, from whom I borrowed the lyrics above, I admit. This indie duo comprises of two up-and-coming youths, Rex Thrustan and Joe Lemieux. Their single, “Hi, I’m Andy”, is such an obvious feel-good tune, while not actually being feel-good at all. It’s a very strange mix of this really energetic and somehow upbeat sound and these lyrics which are totally not that. 

“Hi, I’m Andy”, a single off their recent debut album, “The Greatest Movie of All Time”, is very much a coming-of-age song. And as we know, coming of age isn’t necessarily all pretty or upbeat. On the contrary, within the span of a few short minutes, the song deals with all these heavy subjects like loneliness (hence the bit of the chorus quoted above), substance abuse and ultimately, trying to make your way through this crazy universe. 

It talks about turning on the news and marveling at all the insane stuff going on in the world around you and about how on Earth you’re supposed to deal with that. It feels like a very iconic song and a highly relatable one for most youths today, going through all this coming-of-age angst. 

But as I said, the vibe is super energetic, so it gives you a lot of hope for perhaps an easier future. Combining Lemieux’s irreverent drumming with Thrustan’s raw vocals, keys and guitar, “Hi, I’m Andy” is a song from another time. Maybe the 90s. Hey, maybe the 20s are the new 90s, who’s to say they’re not? 

This band is definitely my favorite quarantine find and for one simple reason. They’re real. It’s not just that I relate to their songs (although I do). It’s not just that I love their style (which I also do). But what really gets me about them is their honesty and their passion for making music, for creating something that’s real and so insanely out there. 

I highly recommend that you check them out if you haven’t already. You can view the music video for “Hi, I’m Andy” on YouTube and subscribe to them on Spotify so that you can follow this refreshingly real musical journey.