Both preaching and music are elixirs of souls. Real J Israel is one of those young men who have laid their life for the service of religion. Real J Israel belongs to Atlanta and has been tune savvy mind since his youth. The love for religion has motivated him for preaching the better lessons of divine. On the other hand, his love for music kept him enthused, so he came with great inclination for music. 

            Real J Israel introduced variety of singles this year in music industry. The fresh release is Damn Good Man. The start of track is very fascinating. One can sense the passion for lyrics and music in the track. The blend of instrumental music is amazing. The quality of music is always judged from lyrics and composition. Moreover, vocalist like Real J Israel in Damn Good Man has presented the lyrics with depth and passion. He maintains enough following on his YouTube and Spotify channels. For many he may seem like the man in identity crisis but his personality knows the ways and means to uphold the balance between both-preaching and music 

            Damn Good Man is standard tinge of work; despite his different inclinations the vocalist has the courage. The love for his listeners has provided immense motivation to him. Real J is the real gem of melodies. His voice is an aura of charm for listeners. The award winning vocalist of R&B genre has vast potential unexplored by world. The music lovers are still awaiting another great release from Real J Israel.