To have loved and lost, who doesn’t know what that feels like, right? But what about to have found and loved? So many love songs talk about break-ups and suffering, and surely, that’s great because you really need a good song that understands how you’re feeling when you’re down. But the trouble with such songs is that they encourage you to feel even worse about the situation, you know? 

When you’re reeling from a nasty break-up, the best thing you can do is fight the urge to listen to depressed heartbreak songs and put on a track about meeting someone new. Here’s where Roger Karr comes in. 

As you can tell by listening to his previous hits, Karr knows what it means to have loved and lost. He’s been there, he feels you, which puts him in a place of authority, a place from which he can talk to you honestly and openly and get you where it hurts. 

But his latest single, “Roll With You”, is a heartbreak tune no longer. On the contrary, it’s the story of meeting someone new and finding love again, after you felt such a feat would be impossible. It’s a message of hope to everyone who’s gone through a rough patch out there. And while it’s a great song to be listening to at any time in your life, it’s particularly useful when played during that hard post-breakup period. You know, when all you wanna do is sit and mope? 

That’s when you need songs like “Roll With You” most because you need someone to remind you how cool life can be and how amazing love can be. And tell you that it’s not always gonna be this bad. See, the reason this works so well is that Karr’s been there and you’ve got his previous tunes, like “Lost You”, to prove that to you. 

“Roll With You” actually feels as if Karr is reaching out a hand and telling you you’ll survive this and be alright and maybe even become a happier person afterward, so shouldn’t beat yourself up about it too much. 

With a unique rap beat, “Roll With You” isn’t your average heartache tune. It’s not mopey or slow, yet it manages to convey incredible feeling. Through carefully thought out lyrics and rhythm, Roger Karr opens your eyes (and your ears) to how great life can be. Because you find love. Or maybe just a new rap artist whose sound you really like.