TheRealKingMarz is an elusive sort of artist, but that only serves to add to the mystery. His music has an appealing, distinctively old school vibe to it. It kinda reminds you of the golden age of rap music, but with an exciting new twist. 

But that’s not what makes TheRealKingMarz elusive, in my opinion. His rapping has this down-low quality to it, like you can’t quite hear it, and it immediately demands your full, undisturbed attention. 


You just stop and listen, and the truth is, you like what you’re hearing. “Drive Thru”, for example, is the kind of song that you can just blast when you’re rolling down the highway, out for a run, or doing pretty much anything. It’s a universally good tune that is bound to resonate with any type of listener, even those who aren’t particularly into the whole rap scene. 

Personally, what I like about this artist is that there is such obvious feeling in his music. It’s not just empty words, as is the case with some of the rappers in the game, but TheRealKingMarz’s songs are clearly coming from the heart. And as a listener, you can’t help but appreciate it. It shows effort. Caring. Not to mention bucket-loads of talent. 

“Drive Thru” was the song that introduced me to TheRealKingMarz’s latest album, appropriately entitled “Marz on Earth”. And it just kept getting better from there. Seeing as it’s available now through Spotify, I took this opportunity to immerse myself into some street listening, and the album did not disappoint. 

Tracks like “Application” really stand out, with its’ strange, slightly oriental intro. It makes for a sudden change from the general “rough” feel of any rap album. There is something soft and vulnerable in “Application”, that you can immediately relate to, even before you have time to follow the lyrics and understand what it’s about. 

The part I particularly like is “Tell my daughter we’ll make it”. It’s so soulful and appealing, I just can’t shake it off. 

Naturally, these are just the two tracks that stand out to me the most, but the entire album is a hidden gem, which I definitely recommend you go listen to.