If you grew up in the ‘90s or early ‘00s, you’ve probably noticed that this new music doesn’t hold a candle to that of “your generation”. It’s a no-brainer, since practically any generation thinks the same about their own music. And if you’ve been pining for those carefree days of listening to playlists for hours on end and feeling like you could just fly away, then we’ve got jolly-good news for you. 

Linnon Stylz, an up-and-coming artist from Detroit, Michigan, is exactly what the doctor ordered for those of you craving a trip down memory lane. Reminiscent of the R’n’B greats of our generation, like R. Kelly or Mary J. Blige, Linnon Stylz is a fabulous new artist whose terrific influences and sheer style tend to set him apart from the vast sea of other emerging artists. 

And although his ties and influences from the past are clear, that does not make him a copy of those artists. But rather, Stylz takes everything that made those artists great and combines it with something that only this generation of today has. With great skill, he manages to pick and choose from the basket of past artists and brings those things that delighted us back then in the future some twenty years. 

Stylz is one of the best R’n’B voices of today, encompassing both a modern and an old school kinda vibe in his music. 

He references this in his brand new hit single, “Crown Me (The New King of R’n’B)”, an immensely catchy track that you’ll have trouble getting out of your head once you hear it. 

Drawing thousands of listeners in each month on Spotify, Stylz’s new song has obvious style, but also a very laid-back vibe that makes it perfect to listen to in virtually any circumstance, regardless if you’re getting ready for a fun night on the town or going for a run first thing in the morning. 

Does Stylz have what it takes to really claim the title of King of R’n’B? Maybe. He definitely has an impressive amount of talent and a pretty cool approach to music that may well help earn him the title somewhere in the near future. Which is why we’re keeping an eye on him.