Having discovered him almost by accident, on a quest for a sound that no longer exists today, we’re positively delighted to announce that Montreal-based artist Van Hechter has a brand new single out. 

After wowing the critics and amassing quite a following with his previous hits, like ‘Love Elastic’ or ‘Love the Disco’, the singer songwriter is back with a new ‘Delight’ for us. 

No, really. That’s what it’s called, and with such a title, it’s unsurprising that it’s such a quality tune. True to the Van Hechter sound (which already seems to be solidifying into a brand in its’ own right), the track is reminiscent of an old school disco beat that can rarely be heard in today’s music. 

It’s exciting. It’s fun. And it’s oddly carefree, inviting you to dance the night away and forget your worries which, let’s be honest, we all need in this troublesome world of ours. ‘Delight’ is truly a song for our times. It’s an invitation for all the youngsters today to discover and experience the utterly delightful atmosphere of the discotheques of the 70s and 80s. 

The song brings back this world that our parents used to live in, but makes it exciting, makes us want to discover and love it as well. And this is truly a remarkable feat, considering the fact Van Hechter himself is a young man. 

A particularly nice touch is the addition of auto-tune and the repetitive beats that give the impression of a marvelously simple tune. Really, if you listen to it, to the rhythm and the DJ-ing specifically, it seems a deceptively simple tune. 

Compared to his previous songs, you can definitely feel the tasteful collaboration with New York-based DJ and activist Chauncey Dandridge, who, one assumes, we’ve got to thank for the repetition of the song itself. 

As for the lyrics, they’re sending out a clear message, one that makes me think of losing your inhibitions and embracing who you truly are, even if only for one night. This is because van Hechter isn’t just airing his mouth here, as some singers do, but he’s really putting his heart into his lyrics, calling out to you. He’s encouraging you, and quite frankly, you can easily imagine him dancing beside you. 

There’s something undeniably powerful about his voice and I think that is what lends the song its’ uniqueness. 

But then, intelligence and wit have always been deeply rooted in Van Hechter’s music. The French-Georgian musician has always worked to send out a message, to inspire as well as delight. And I’d say he does this marvelously with his latest single.