‘We can save our love’ 

I heard that lyric and I thought to myself ‘there’s an honest tune about love’. No useless gloss over, no highlighting the good parts, without focusing on the bad. Here’s a song that’s real. That people can actually relate no, regardless of where they are in their relationship. 

Because that’s the question. More often that some fairy-tale romance, love is about all the hard work and compromise that’s needed in order to save a relationship. And in her latest song, appropriately entitled ‘Compromise’, artist Wendy Halo wonderfully manages to capture all the hardship and toil of love. 

It’s definitely an interesting tune, one in which Halo displays her versatility and solidifies her standing as one of the most promising young voices in the music world today. In ‘Compromise’, we see a Wendy that’s both fragile and strong, a woman torn between her own stubbornness and doing what’s best for the man she loves. 

And sure, this is an easy enough picture to paint through the lyrics alone, but Halo doesn’t just do that. She doesn’t simply rely on the words, but uses her voice, reminiscent of the golden years of gospel, to give life to the person who’s singing. To make herself real in our minds, and thus, help the listener connect with her on a deep and personal level. 

Another part of the song that I really like is the marked contrast between Halo’s own, soft and sensual voice, and that of the male rapper who comes in on the second part of the song. No doubt meant to signify the thoughts going on through her lover’s mind, this rapping interlude creates just the right break and makes you appreciate Halo’s voice even more. 

Not to mention the interesting message the male voice sends out: 

‘If you’ve got a Van Gogh, don’t hang it in the cellar, 

When the storm comes, don’t complain about the weather’ 

Tastefully highlighting our habit of not appreciating what we have and finding a problem when everything is going well, this part strengthens the overall message of the song. That is, if you want something to work, you need to stop thinking like this. You need to compromise, or else, you’ll lose everything. 

Something that really tickles me about this part is that Halo could’ve easily sung these words as well, and that, in my opinion, would’ve been a bad idea. It would’ve made it seem as if it’s a one-sided conversation, and while it would have appealed to women, I’m not so sure it would have appealed to men, as well. 

But she doesn’t do that. Instead, by adding the male voice to the song, she strengthens the idea of compromise, of coming together towards a common goal. 

Definitely one of my favorite tunes for this year, one that makes me excited for Halo’s upcoming EP.